Volunteer profile – Mary Finch

December 3, 2015

Meet Mary Finch, a member of the PEI Advisory Committee.

Finch was born and raised in the Yukon and her interest in all things aquatic was sparked by watching Yukon River Chinook Salmon.

“I was (and still am) amazed at these fish that travel over 3000 km upstream to reach their spawning grounds. So much drive!” said Finch.

“I attended post-secondary school and worked in Southern Ontario at which time I became acquainted with Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon. I worked with local conservation groups in helping to re-establish this iconic species.”

Finch became involved with the ASCF in the last couple of years shortly after she moved to PEI.

“I stay involved because as the mother of two young girls, I want there to be salmon for them to watch. I also am involved because having robust populations of Atlantic salmon means healthy ecosystems with clean freshwater and excellent habitat. Clean water benefits everyone!”

Finch said she is continually amazed by the great work that the ASCF completes in the region.

“There are so many fantastic volunteers that work tirelessly to complete on-the-ground rehabilitation work. The sheer volume of work completed is phenomenal and having such a solid foundation as ASCF is a huge bonus as it can be leveraged into so much more!”

Finch recently started a new role as the Watershed Ecologist for the province of PEI and will be working with PEI Watershed Alliance providing support and assistance to the approximately 24 community based watershed groups in the province.


Volunteers are crucial to the work ASCF does, and each month we will introduce you to one of our stellar volunteers to say thank you for all the work they do in Atlantic salmon conservation.