Recordings of past webinar presentations are available here.

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is proud to announce our upcoming series of webinars. To register, please follow the link below each webinar title. Participation in the series is free and audio access is available through your computer (toll-free number is no longer available).

Please note: Webinars will be presented in either English (EN) or French (FR), but where possible, the question-and-answer period will be bilingual.

2022 – 2023 ASCF Webinar Schedule


28 Sept (EN) – Antóin O’Sullivan (UNB & CRI) The waterscape continuum: rethinking boundaries in ecosystems



2 Nov (EN) – Shelly Denny (UINR) – Concept of salmon conservation and management from a Mi’kmaq perspective and collaborating for effective salmon governance



16 Nov (EN) – Xavier Bordeleau (DFO) – The post-spawning ecology of iteroparous salmonids: Basis of variability in migratory behaviour and survival, ecological importance and conservation implications



30 Nov (EN) – Jordan Condon (CQWF) – Determination of Factors Affecting Survival from Egg to Juvenile for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) in PEI



14 Dec (EN) – Michael Arsenault (WNNB) – Remote analysis of stream road crossings in the Wolastoq Watershed



11 Jan (EN) – Kurt Samways (UNB & CRI) – Parks Canada Research Chair: Studying Salmon Along a Natural Gradient of Recovery



25 Jan (EN) – David Roth (UNB & CRI) – Smolt-To-Adult Supplementation (SAS)  –  A Potential Conservation Tool in Depressed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Populations?



8 Feb (FR) – Thomas Buffin-Bélanger (UQAR) – Sensibilité hydromorphologique des rivières à saumon de la Gaspésie et du Bas-St-Laurent



1 March (EN) – Elise Collet / A. O’Sullivan (UNB & CRI) – On the topics of best practices for collecting thermal infrared images in rivers & the dynamism of behavioural thermoregulation thresholds of juvenile Atlantic salmon



29 March (EN) – Brian Koval (NRED) – The Importance of Angler Surveys: Managing New Brunswick Fisheries Together