La FCSA vous invite à un rassemblement transformateur d’esprits lors du symposium inaugural sur le partenariat interprovincial pour le saumon atlantique – où la collaboration, le partage des connaissances et l’innovation occuperont le devant de la scène.

Joignez-vous à nous pour unir les esprits, partager les connaissances et tracer la voie vers la conservation durable du saumon atlantique sauvage.

Ensemble, nos efforts créeront des vagues de changement durable.

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Federal Contribution:

Established in 2007 by an endowment fund granted by the Government of Canada, the Foundation for Conservation of Atlantic Salmon has evolved into a successful and self-sustaining source of funding for wild Atlantic salmon conservation efforts in Atlantic Canada and Québec. The Foundation is mandated to provide conservation project funding to community organizations, Indigenous groups, researchers, and others in perpetuity.



In 2022 the FCAS Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Plan that identified the importance of “transformational growth” of the Foundation from its very successful role as a provider of conservation project funding in support of wild Atlantic salmon.

The new strategic plan gave impetus to the genuine need to promote collaboration and partnership among diverse recipient partner organizations, among federal and provincial governments, and Indigenous organizations. It was also in concert with the DFO discussions on a Wild Salmon Policy that the FCAS initiated leadership in launching Wild Atlantic Salmon Partnership Symposia in each of the five provinces. As a result, partnership symposia were held in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and PEI in fall 2022, followed in 2023 by Nova Scotia and a similar event held in Quebec.


Symposia results:
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Quebec (coming soon)


Several common consensus items emerged from the five symposia. One key consensus item was the “opportunity exists to organize future (recurring) provincial symposiums to facilitate the establishment of sustainable conservation partnerships and the sharing of best practices. Alignment of conservation efforts is critical on a ‘go-forward’ basis”. This would effectively build on the Foundation’s broad base and strong reputation as a durable provider of conservation project grants to recipient-partners.

Each symposium also endorsed the importance of organizing active partnerships into regular provincial and regional forums to provide for on-going dialog among community groups, Indigenous organizations, and both federal and provincial governments, as well as concerted, planned and prioritized wild Atlantic salmon conservation action.


Conservation Partners: