Volunteer profile – Jim Marriner

March 4, 2015

Meet Jim Marriner, a member of the NB Advisory Committee.

Marriner is a graduate of UNB and practiced law from 1971-2005 with offices in Moncton and Petitcodiac. Currently he is a small claims court adjudicator and an inspector with the NB Law Society under the Real Property Practice Review Program.

Marriner enjoys hunting, fishing, and trapping.  Some of the organizations he has been involved with include the Moncton Fish and Game Club, NB Wildlife Federation, Petitcodiac Sportsman’s Club, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Fur Institute of Canada, and NB Salmon Council.

He has been a hunter education/firearm safety instructor for 35 years and a trapper education instructor for 15 years.

Marriner also enjoys researching and recording the history of hunting, fishing, and trapping in the province. He is the author of “Tight Lines Mean Bright Fish, The Larry’s Gulch Story”, a limited history of Larry’s Gulch salmon fishing lodge on the Restigouche River.

Marriner became involved with the ASCF in 2012.

“I have a great appreciation for the efforts of volunteers involved in wild Atlantic salmon

conservation,” said Marriner. “For most, funding for their projects and programs is the most difficult ingredient. I enjoy being involved in the process that allows so many worthwhile projects to become a reality.

“The funding provided by the ASCF plays a significant role in the enhancement of our wild Atlantic salmon and its habitats. I look on my involvement with the ASCF as an important element in the 38 years I have spent as a volunteer in the wildlife conservation movement.”