Volunteer profile – Jim Gourlay

April 4, 2014

Meet Jim Gourlay, a member of the NS Advisory Committee.

Gourlay is a career journalist with a background in both newspapers and magazines. He is currently president of Saltscapes Publishing Limited. Gourlay is also the former editor-in-chief of Atlantic Salmon Journal, past president of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, and a recipient of the Nova Scotia Lieutenant-Governor’s Salmon Conservation Award.

Gourlay first became involved with the ASCF three years ago after the executive director invited him to become a member.

“I have worked on behalf of wild Atlantic salmon conservation my whole adult life,” said Gourlay.

“Sadly, to a large extent governments, both provincial and federal, have failed to mitigate the numerous threats and effectively manage wild Atlantic salmon. The ASCF funding represents one of the few areas of direct government initiative. The job of conservation and restoration has therefore fallen heavily to the private sector; in this instance volunteer groups. It’s important work on behalf of an important species that is in very serious trouble.”