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Salmonid Habitat Restoration and Public Education Program.

Recipient: Shediac Bay Watershed Association Inc.
Approved Amount: $7,500
Year Approved: 2015

The Shediac River and its tributaries are known to have potential for ideal spawning habitat. Restoring access to this tributary spawning area is a priority of SBWA. Extensive electrofishing surveys to identify spawning habitat will take place throughout the sampling season.

The proposal for 2015-2016 will emphasize the opening of a ¾ kilometer stream that presently has 4 older dams that impede fish access to spawning habitat. Damage caused by the dam flooding will require significant streamside restoration work.

An elevated culvert at a nearby stream is planned for replacement in the next 10 years. In the interim, SBWA plans to purchase and install a 10 foot fish ladder which will allow salmon to access spawning habitat available upstream.

This project will expand the engagement and education of the stakeholders who have a vested interest in the health and use of the river.

Contact: Rémi Donelle, 506-533-8880,