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Salmon habitat conservation : A comprehensive management plan for South Brook Newfoundland and Labrador

Recipient: Humber Arm Environmental Association
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2018

Over the last two years ACAP Humber Arm has undertaken both obstruction removal and streambank stabilization on South Brook. Since 2014, ACAP Humber Arm has been monitoring water quality biweekly on South Brook. Past and ongoing initiatives, while beneficial, have been “stand-alones” as opposed to part of a larger strategy or plan.
ACAP Humber Arm will establish a steering committee of key stakeholders to oversee this project. Past research and conservation efforts will be reviewed. Consultations will be held with regulators, the municipality, ENGO’s, First Nations, anglers, and the public.
This comprehensive process will conclude with the development of an integrated Management Plan for South Brook. This plan will go beyond listing issues but will recommend actions and identify lead actors.
The Management Plan will facilitate greater coordination between stakeholders, and guide more efficient and effective conservation efforts of this important salmon habitat.
Contact: Sheldon Peddle, 709-637-4222,