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Restoring the connectivity between Saint-Jean river and an unnamed outlet stream of Bedaine Lake

Recipient: Corporation de Gestion de la Rivière Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay Inc.
Approved Amount: $25,000
Year Approved: 2018

The outlet stream of Bedaine Lake is a tributary of Saint-Jean River, of approximately 2.6 km and with natural banks in a forest environment. This watercourse is a high quality habitat conducive to juvenile salmon and sea trout rearing, because it is characterized by a freshwater thermal system. However, only the section between the mouth and the two culverts of Saint-Thomas road (120 m in length) is used intensively by juvenile salmon and sea trout. Unfortunately, culverts create an impassable fall.
Our goal is to make this stream accessible again. In 2017, in cooperation with MFFP, we retained an engineering firm to check the feasibility and complete topograhic surveys, prepare certified plans and engineering specifications and estimate construction costs. In 2018, we hope to secure financing and complete the work. Once work is done, MFFP plans to mobilize staff to check the efficiency of the development, that is document the presence of parrs above the culverts (abundance and distribution upstream).
Contact: Robert Lamarre, 418-272-2199,