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Restoration of the Atlantic Salmon Populations of Bristol Creek & Structure Assessment, Repair and Modifications in the Morell River

Recipient: Morell River Management Coop
Approved Amount: $9,000
Year Approved: 2013

The MRMC has a draft watershed management plan for Bristol Creek that focuses on protecting water quality, restoring and enhancing trout and salmon habitat, enhancing habitat conditions for spawning salmon, improving the population base of the existing salmon population and restoring and enhancing habitat conditions for wildlife in general. Activities to be undertaken in support of the management plan include initiatives such as: rapid stream habitat assessment, stream enhancement techniques, beaver management plan, reduction of sedimentation, and community and landowner engagement.

Approximately 20 years ago MRMC installed in-stream, flow-regulating structures, many of which have since deteriorated. The project will repair and modify the structures thereby prolonging the existing holding pools and spawning gravels that have accumulated as a result of the structures. The project will also prevent further deterioration of structures that is causing unwanted debris to enter the stream and fill in pools.

Contact: Rebecca Hersom-Petersen, 902-696-3927,