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Ongoing restoration of endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon to the Petitcodiac River 2021

Recipient: Fort Folly First Nation
Approved Amount: $30,000
Year Approved: 2021

Carry out iBoF Atlantic salmon recovery actions on Petitcodiac River tributaries

  • Carry out LGB unfed fry releases into nursery habitat of Petitcodiac watershed.
  • Install, monitor & implement a mark-recapture protocol using a counting fence targeting out-migrating salmon smolts on the Pollett River, Petitcodiac watershed
  • Limited sampling and collections of out migration of smolts using fyke nets on Little River, Petitcodiac watershed.
  • Collect and transport smolt to FSR marine conservation farm.
  • Maintain adult salmon antenna detection array on Pollett & Little Rivers.
  • Carry out juvenile salmon assessment via electro-fishing surveys.
  • Carry out adult salmon enumeration snorkel survey(s).
  • Release FSR adult salmon to Petitcodiac.
  • Release non-target LGB adult salmon to Petitcodiac.
  • Carry out redd surveys if conditions allow.
  • Collect fall parr from nursery habitat for overwintering at MBF.
  • Transport of immature non-target LGB post smolts to FSR site, if available.
  • Public outreach and engagement.

All activities contributing to the continuing strategy & objective of realizing higher presence, at all life stages, of endangered iBoF Atlantic salmon in the Petitcodiac River watershed working towards achieving historic levels.

Contact:  Chef Rebecca Knockwood,