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Ongoing Enhancement of the Mabou and Inverness Watersheds & Long Term Planning for the Graham’s River and Captain’s River Watersheds.

Recipient: Inverness South Anglers Association
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2015

This project will inspect 12 previously enhanced watersheds in Mabou River and Mull River and 3 sites in the Broad Cove River watershed for winter debris jams and will clear any jams to ensure the continuity of migratory access. Install new infrastructure such as digger logs, deflectors, bank logs and bank rock at 2 priority sites; one in the Broad Cove River watershed at the Distillery site (approximately 297 sq. meters) and More Brook (139 sq. m), and install a fish ladder at this site as per technical consultants design. This project will also restore access to another site at Glenora Falls, which is currently blocked by beaver dams.

We will also develop 2 long term habitat restoration plans, one for Graham’s River, Judique; and the other for Captain’s River, Port Hood.

Contact: Dave Cameron, 902-945-2356,