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Miawpukek Aquaculture Escapee Monitoring (MAEM)

Recipient: Miawpukek First Nation
Approved Amount: 23,500 + $16,500 = $40,000 NOTE: The additional approved amount of $16,500 is conditional upon confirmation of the need and feasibility of construction of a new, high-quality counting fence with the supplementary funding
Year Approved: 2017

Miawpukek First Nation (MFN) will sample all salmon that enters Little River to determine if they are of aquaculture origin. All other farm fish species will also be recorded, sampled, and removed from the system.

MFN will also utilize ASCF funds to construct a new counting fence facility. The fence will be constructed of high strength aluminum and anchored to the river bottom 6-12” by rebar. Plans for the new fence will be finalized through consultations with Pabineau First Nation, who have successfully operated a similar structure for years.

The counting fence will be placed in Little River in early May 2017 and will remain there until early freeze up, around late October 2017. All fish migrating upstream will be enumerated and identified. All salmon encountered will be scale sampled and fin clipped. The scales will be read immediately at the facility and all salmon determined to be of an aquaculture origin by this reading will be immediately removed from the system.

All escaped rainbow trout, arctic char, and other exotic species used in the finfish aquaculture industry encountered at the counting facility will also be removed and sampled.

Contact: Ross Hinks, 709-882-3002,