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Margaree River salmon habitat restoration 2021

Recipient: Margaree Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2021
  1. As a component to a collaborative Watershed Stewardship Plan, MSA will develop a riparian reforestation plan for the Margaree watershed to identify and prioritize restoration sites and include georeferenced assessments and prescriptions. MSA also hopes to work with the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) on a reforestation program targeting black ash trees in the watershed, similar to the planting program undertaken along portions of the main river in 2020.
  2. MSA will continue to rebuild, help conserve and restore Salmon habitat in the tributaries and main channel of the Margaree River. The crew will assess flood damage and, during the field season, repair any damage to existing structures. Where needed, new structures will be built for the betterment of salmon habitat.
  3. MSA will continue to work with DFO on salmon assessment with a smolt wheel, and redd counting, kelt sampling/tagging and other scientific studies.
  4. MSA will focus on public education and awareness through written and published articles, social media, member updates, educational outreach, website updates and public meetings.

Contact:  Paul MacNeil,