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Fish passage improvements within the Cheticamp River watershed

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $9,500
Year Approved: 2017

This project aims to address a number of critical barriers to fish passage within the Cheticamp River watershed. The restoration team plans to:

  1. Complete instream work at two work sites with fish passage concerns on the lower Cheticamp River, as well as carry out a detailed temperature analysis, and
  2. Restore fish passage on three smaller watercourses (Aucoin, Fiset, and Farm brooks) within the watershed.

The work on the Cheticamp River is a collaborative effort between CRSA and Parks Canada to restore impacted habitat and improve fish passage where the river is unnaturally overwidened. The work on the smaller watercourses within the watershed will focus on reopening blocked sections where channel infilling has restricted access to important spawning and rearing habitat for Atlantic salmon and other native fish species. These streams all have small runs of wild Atlantic salmon and native Brook trout and are considered important genetic reservoirs for the species.

Contact: Réné Aucoin, 902 224-5854,