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Beaver Meadow Restoration Project

Recipient: Habitat Unlimited
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2011

This project continued the restoration efforts by expanding the restoration of the Beaver Meadow region of the Beaver River and its tributaries.  The Beaver Meadow region has long been the site of agricultural disturbances that has channelized portions of the river and has removed large portion of the riparian zone. Also historic logging operations upstream have caused debris jams resulting in poor habitat and obstructions to fish passage.

The major results of this project included:

  • Installation of 4 digger logs with multi-tier deflectors, 2 multi-tier 10ft bank cribs, and 1 cover device.  These structures restored 294 m of stream and 2058m2 of habitat.
  • Removal of 4 debris jams and approximately a dozen beaver dams.
  • Planting of 200 red maple seedlings restoring 200m2 of riparian zone
  • Education of 40 students from St. Francis Xavier University Department of Aquatic Resources on river ecosystems and river restoration techniques.