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Atlantic salmon conservation plan and recreational fishing enhancement on the three Pabos Rivers

Recipient: Regroupement pour la restauration des trois rivières Pabos
Approved Amount: $17,750
Year Approved: 2021

The development of an Atlantic salmon conservation plan on Pabos rivers will enable us to regroup and analyze all studies, documents, and written material about this river to draw a picture of the condition of the salmon population and its habitat. This analysis will identify problems, weaknesses and issues which are specific to the river. The conservation plan is a decision-making tool for our organization in the short and medium term. The actions to be taken will be prioritized. The project is essential to develop management approaches and sustainable development tools for the territory.

The proposal includes six thermographs (2 per river), to monitor the river temperature during the 2021 summer season in real time.

In addition, our proposal will accompany an additional project to raise awareness among users of the area of illegal ATV traffic on the river, which is especially a problem on the Petite Pabos. The characterization of Pabos Rivers will be a key component of the success of these two projects.

The paper and the web versions of the conservation plan will be issued to the different local partners and all our data will be shared with the Conseil de l’Eau Gaspésie Sud, who is currently updating the PDE of Pabos Rivers. We will therefore collaborate for the acquisition of field knowledge about the river and its salmon populations.

Contact : Alexandra Déry,