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Assessing the impact of the invasive seaweed Didmosphenia geminata on habitat selection and growth of juvenile salmon in the Matapedia watershed

Recipient: Conseil de bassin versant de la Rivière Matapédia
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2010

In 2006, the Gaspé and New Brunswick, the number of rivers affected by didymo has considerably increased. However, there is currently no accurate information to assess its potential impact on Atlantic salmon populations. However, it is crucial to better understand the effects of didymo on different life stages of Atlantic salmon. Since it was shown that didymo can form mucilaginous mats changing habitat characteristics and abundance and the proportion of aquatic insects, the main food source for juvenile salmon, we propose to realize a project that aims to: 1.Tester the hypothesis that the presence of didymo alters the habitat selection of juvenile salmon 2.Test the hypothesis that the presence of didymo alter foraging and, therefore, the growth of juvenile salmon The results of this project will better assess whether the presence of this alga limits the production of juvenile salmon in both quality and quantity