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Intervale Associates / Newfoundland & Labrador / 2020

Conserving wild Atlantic salmon and protect salmon habitat in Newfoundland and the Labrador Straits

Using education, engagement, and signage to conserve wild Atlantic salmon and protect salmon habitat in Newfoundland and the Labrador straits.

Encouraging the engagement of members of the general public in Atlantic salmon conservation, and stressing the urgency of the current and worsening situation, is an arms-length but critical function. The salmon angling/conservation community in North America is too small to generate much political clout all by itself. Broad public sympathy for the cause is badly needed to bring political will to the table.

The 2020 Intervale project, $39,640 of which was funded by ASCF, was designed to strengthen and enlarge the “Living Rivers” initiative with four objectives: 1) encourage reports of illegal fishing and sale of wild salmon, 2) prevent threats to salmon habitat, 3) teach best practices and educate about the importance of salmon conservation in Newfoundland, and 4) extend the reach to new areas of the province.
Core activity focuses around important salmon rivers and hot spots of known poaching. Partners assisted with posting an additional 40 and maintaining 137 signs in eastern, central, and western Newfoundland. Intervale increased its outreach by participating in scheduled public events for large audiences across the Island.

Intervale gave informational presentations to adult and youth groups and organize two fly-tying workshops. The group contributed to the goal of salmon and salmon habitat conservation through measures of people engaged; knowledge increased; poaching reduced; waste collection in rivers, and habitat conservation.