October Newsletter 2015

October 3, 2015

We’re now in October! Where did the 2015 field season go? Actually, October is one of my favourite months of the year. The days are fresh and bright, and so are the salmon runs in many of our rivers. 2015 has been very good generally for salmon runs, and that has sparked lots of encouragement among community groups, along with encouragement that their hard work just might be paying off.

It’s at this time of year that we are beginning to see the reports coming in from projects we have helped fund. Of the nearly 60 active projects on the go, both one year and multi-year, most have submitted interim project reports. Some have concluded their final reports. All in all, 2015 is looking like an excellent year for conservation activity.

This month we celebrate another successful the NB Liquor “Protect Our Rivers” sales event and look forward to a great “Island Rivers – Worth Protecting” sale in PEI. Both events have lots of great products available, the proceeds of which we contribute 100 percent to conservation projects.

Our featured volunteer for October is Dr. Michelle Gray, of the UNB Canadian Rivers Institute. Michelle makes a strong contribution as a member of our New Brunswick Advisory Committee. We are delighted that she has just recently been appointed as Assistant Professor at UNB’s Forestry and Environmental Management Department. Congratulations Michelle!

Our big announcement this month is the debut of our much awaited “SalmonHub”. The SalmonHub is designed as a web-based, one-stop source of salmon conservation information. It’s designed to help community groups and conservation professionals alike to source information in support of conservation activity. We are especially proud of the strong international links we’ve built to make SalmonHub a universal, and ever evolving tool.

Yours in conservation!

Stephen Chase