Request for Proposals (RFP)

Request for Proposals for

a wild Atlantic salmon Applied Research project


The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF) is seeking a suitable proponent organization, such as a community group, non-government organization (NGO), university or college, or indigenous organization, to carry out an applied research* project that will help contribute to the attainment of healthy and sustainable wild Atlantic salmon stocks in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

(*For our definition of Applied Research, please see below)

Eligible applied research topics: The applied research topics eligible for submission of a proposal are limited to the following (Note: Only one topic should be selected per proposal; bullets (Õ) under each of the key topics below are suggested examples only):

Topic 1: How do freshwater ecosystems (e.g. temperature, hydrology, biological interactions, land-use practices) influence wild Atlantic salmon populations?

  • What are freshwater causes of declining smolt size and/or abundance?
  • Development of a watershed-based risk assessment of forest harvesting for the protection of Atlantic salmon habitat.
  • Identify and map key habitats and risks and propose specific multi-faceted land-use management plans that protect these features.
  • Summarize forestry standards in various jurisdictions to protect salmon habitat.




Topic 2: What are the consequences of salmon aquaculture on wild Atlantic salmon in eastern Canada?

  • What is the influence of pathogens and parasites on the marine survival of wild Atlantic salmon?
  • What are the consequences of interbreeding between farmed and wild salmon on wild salmon?



Topic 3: What are the consequences of climate variability and change on wild Atlantic salmon populations?

  • Preference could be given to Northern Rivers that may be more susceptible to changes in climate.




Topic 4: What are the impacts of interactions between invasive species and wild Atlantic salmon (e.g. smallmouth bass in the Miramichi)?


* Definition: Applied Research: Research that is practical – i.e. that can be applied to a well-defined problem.  It’s the opposite of pure or theoretical research for which no specific application has been identified. Applied research is systematic in collection and examination of facts involving the practical application of science. Applied research focuses on solving specific problems or answering specific questions.

Applied research is field or laboratory study, or analysis of existing information that addresses a well-defined question or tests a specific hypothesis such that there is unique information produced, or confirmatory findings with a strong likelihood that the results could be published in primary scientific literature.

Applied research projects can be carried out in any province.



The deadline for the applied scientific research RFP is: October 30, 2019 by 4:00 PM AST.

All RFP forms can be submitted directly by e-mail to

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please call 506-455-9900 to ensure your proposal has been received.

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Please note: In addition to the research RFP above, applied scientific research projects may be submitted under any of the provincial streams, however, going forward a maximum of 20% of available grant funds will be allocated to research initiatives.  Taking multi-year projects into account, this may mean that limited funds are available for new research projects in some provinces.  For further information on the provincial application process, please click here.  To inquire about specific provinces, please contact the ASCF office (NB & QC:; PEI, NL & NS: