$1 million in funding available for wild Atlantic salmon conservation in 2015

June 4, 2014

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF) has increased its grant pool to a record $1 million, the Honourable Rémi Bujold, chair of the Foundation, has announced. The new level of funding will be available for the 2015 round of grant applications.

“This more than doubles the amount of funds we offered for 2014 projects,” Bujold said. “This is a big step for us. A million dollars a year for salmon conservation funding has been our goal from the beginning.”

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation was established in 2006 with a federal endowment grant of $30 million. The Foundation awarded its first round of funding in 2008, distributing some $300,000 to conservation projects in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Québec.

The Foundation has now distributed over $2.35 million to some 211 projects.

“When you consider that the leveraged advantage of that $2.35 million is 4-1 (base funding from ASCF generally generates financial support from other sources), it means that more than $10 million has been invested in the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon since 2008,” said Stephen Chase, ASCF’s executive director.

“Over the last nine years the Foundation has established itself as a major granting agent for wild Atlantic salmon conservation and river conservation in Canada,” Chase added.

“Salmon conservation in each of the five provinces within ASCF’s mandate will benefit from this significantly increased funding.” said Chase. The Foundation will distribute a higher level of funding to each province according to the strength of salmon population, and the volume of habitat to be preserved.

Most of the projects funded by ASCF are community-based, volunteer efforts.

“It’s amazing and gratifying to see what can be accomplished when community groups, First Nations, businesses, farmers, and conservationists join hands and work together,” said Chase. “Thanks to the over 73,000 hours contributed by close to 2500 volunteers the conservation gains to-date include over 366,000 square meters of salmon habitat restored, and access to 24 million square meters of salmon habitat created, so far, including many watersheds and tributaries where salmon had not been seen for many years.”

Salmon conservation projects have an impact on the economy, as well, Chase added. Projects funded by ASCF have so far created some 742 full- and part-time jobs.

“Now, with the additional funds available this year, we will be able to not only continue our support for these all-important community-based projects, but will also have the funds needed to place increased emphasis on supporting high quality, longer-range, applied research oriented projects that will make a clear difference in improving salmon conservation.”

The competition for the $1 million, 2015 round of funding will open this fall, with a deadline of 19 December 2014. Organizations wishing to make submissions should check the ASCF website, www.salmonconservation.cafor the complete application process.

The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is a volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization established with the goal of helping to achieve healthy and sustainable wild Atlantic salmon stocks in Atlantic Canada and Québec. Funded with an endowment from the Government of Canada, the proceeds from partnership arrangements, sponsorships and donations from generous supporters, the Foundation has created a trust fund to promote and strengthen partnerships among groups working to conserve wild Atlantic salmon. Conservation projects and program administration are financed from interest earned by the trust fund.