Volunteer profile – Scott Cook

October 4, 2014

Meet Scott Cook, the outgoing chair of the NS Advisory Committee.

Cook is retired after spending 33 years working for Nova Scotia Power. He’s been an avid salmon angler for 55 years. Cook has been involved in salmon enhancement and conservation projects since 1969, and took part in the initial projects involving in stream devices to improve trout and salmon habitat.

“I became involved with ASCF and the Nova Scotia Advisory Committee when it started six or so years ago and was elected chair person every year after until my term expired in October 2014,” said Cook. “As chair of this committee I had an easy job as I had the privilege of having very good people representing the NGO’s and government agencies, all who provided credible sound advice that made any decisions I had to make easy and defendable.”

“I would encourage everyone who is interested in the outdoors and the environment to be aware of what the ASCF it trying to accomplish and realize that DFO has cut back on many of its program. The ASCF is one agency that can provide funding to continue habitat enhancement projects and many other aspects of watershed management. ASCF funds along with the NS Sportfish stamp provide in the area of $400,000 a year for projects related to improving fish habitat in Nova Scotia.”

“I would add that I was pleased to be able to be a member of the NS Advisory Committee, and I would like to thank Stephen Chase and his office staff in Fredericton for the help with the projects, scoring, and the paper work to keep the whole process moving along as it should.”