Volunteer profile – Rosanne MacFarlane

February 4, 2014

Meet Rosanne MacFarlane, the chair of the PEI Advisory Committee.

MacFarlane has been a freshwater fisheries biologist with the province of PEI since 2003.

“My job takes me from one end of the Island to the other providing technical assistance to watershed groups, collecting data on fish populations, consulting with angling and watershed groups, carrying out surveys, collecting fish for our enhancement program, preparing angling regulations and summaries, and encouraging residents and visitors to take part in our sport fishery,” said MacFarlane.

“Prior to this career I served as a watershed coordinator so I know first hand the challenges faced by our dedicated watershed groups across PEI.”

MacFarlane has been a member of the PEI Advisory Committee from the beginning. She is an avid angler who appreciates the economic, cultural, and recreational values of salmon angling to a region.

“Having worked in fish habitat restoration and management for 24 years, I have seen a lot of funding programs come and go. I am so impressed with the quality of people on our Advisory Committee and the knowledge and level of commitment they bring to the table; there is a strong sense of teamwork. The ASCF is an extremely well organized foundation with good people at all levels”

MacFarlane said ASCF funds have been a major contributor to salmon projects all across PEI.

“I can say without hesitation that without ASCF funding we would not be seeing a resurgence in salmon populations in Eastern Kings County with salmon returning to rivers where they had long been absent and numbers sky rocketing in others.”

“The value of Atlantic salmon goes far beyond any economic statistics.  Having Atlantic salmon in your rivers is an indication of a healthy environment. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the ASCF and the dedicated watershed and angling organizations who are so committed to Atlantic salmon conservation and management.”