Volunteer profile – René Lafond

November 4, 2014

Meet René Lafond, the new chair of the QC Advisory Committee.

Lafond is a biologist and retired as the Director of Wildlife for the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine Region in 2012.

“From a young age, I was fishing for speckled trout on a small river that ran past the house and I accompanied my father on his hunting activities,” said Lafond. “When I had to choose a profession, biology had become a natural choice. Serving the Government of Quebec during my career as a biologist and then as a manager, I had the good fortune to finish it in the wonderful region of Gaspésie where the salmon is one of the main wildlife resources.”

Lafond was appointed to the Quebec Advisory Committee shortly after the establishment of the ASCF.

“I enthusiastically agreed to continue my involvement as a volunteer at the time of my retirement. I consider my appointment as Chair as a sign of confidence on the part of committee members.”

Lafond notes that in Quebec most salmon rivers are managed by local organizations.

“In my previous role as a wildlife manager, I saw firsthand the dedication of these organizations to play a proactive role in the conservation of this precious, but vulnerable, resource. The direct financial involvement of governments in supporting some aspects of wildlife management are constantly decreasing, the ASCF has proved to be an unexpected financial tool to help these organizations”

Lafond said it is important that the ASCF maintains its financial support to smaller organizations that are well established and well placed regionally, particularly in Quebec, to manage fisheries on salmon rivers.

“Commitment to the ASCF is a way to contribute personally to the preservation of the unique resource that is the Atlantic salmon and its habitat.”