Volunteer profile – John LeBoutillier

August 3, 2015

Meet John LeBoutillier, a member of the ASCF board of directors.

LeBoutillier was born and brought up in the Gaspé and then studied law at Université Laval in Quebec City and business administration at the Richard Ivey School (Western University). He was the CEO of a steel and then an iron ore company for a combined total of 18 years. For the past 15 years, he has been a corporate director. LeBoutillier has served on the board of several publicly listed companies, private companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations. He is married with one daughter and two grandchildren.

LeBoutillier first became involved with the ASCF in 2007 when there were several vacancies on the Investment Committee. The Chair asked him to join the board and become a member of that committee.

“I was brought up surrounded by salmon rivers the two Pabos, Grande Rivière, Saint-Jean, York, and Dartmouth,” said LeBoutillier. “Back then, they were quite inaccessible to the average salmon fisherman. When I joined the board, I had been salmon fishing for several years.”

LeBoutillier said he enjoys working with his board colleagues and doing more salmon fishing than ever before.

“Furthermore, the salmon industry faces several threats and I like facing up to the challenge at ASCF,” he said.

“The ASCF is doing a great job with more financial resources available to support projects. My pet project, on my favourite river the St-Jean – was the removal this past winter of a 1.5 km long logjam. ASCF did contribute financially to this project.”