Volunteer Profile – John Bagnall

November 3, 2016

Meet John Bagnall, a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee.

A biologist with the Environment and Infrastructure Division of AMEC Foster Wheeler, Bagnall specializes in all things fish

“I became involved with the NB Salmon Council when I prepared a report on downstream passage on the upper St. John River salmon,” said Bagnall.  “I have been actively involved with St. John Basin Salmon Recovery Inc., a group that initially advocated for downstream passage at the Tobique Narrows dam.  The group also has taken a stand supporting the removal of the Mactaquac dam.  I am also a past-president of the NB Salmon Council.”

“I am an enthusiastic salmon fisherman, and practical salmon fly tyer.  My wife and I own a camp on the Northwest Miramichi River where we spend most weekends during salmon season.”

Bagnall notes he is not a researcher, but he tries to keep quasi-current with the literature on salmon biology and management.

“I think that there are concepts published as well as practical fisheries-related concerns that should be considered when grants for salmon enhancement are being evaluated.  I try to bring my knowledge of these concepts to evaluation of projects.  I find it frustrating when projects are approved when they are not based on sound science and are therefore destined to produce insufficient tangible benefits.”

Bagnall said he stays involved with the ASCF because he enjoys meeting and picking the brains of his committee members, many of whom are experts in the field of salmon biology and management.

“The ASCF genuinely wants to produce angling and FSC First Nations benefits.  It has the funding to successfully do so.  Since I have become involved, I have noticed that the quality of the projects being proposed has improved dramatically, and this is a trend that everyone involved would like to see continue.  Sometimes the plight of the Atlantic salmon and its management is frustrating to people who care about the fish and the fisheries for it.  The ASCF provides an avenue to get beyond frustration and actually make a difference.”


Volunteers are crucial to the work ASCF does, and each month we will introduce you to one of our stellar volunteers to say thank you for all the work they do in Atlantic salmon conservation.