Volunteer Profile – Darryl Murrant

November 3, 2017

Meet Darryl Murrant, a member of our Nova Scotia Advisory Committee.

Murrant has been involved with fisheries since he was first employed as a student working at a fish fence and doing small scale fish habitat restoration work on the South River in Antigonish Country in 1982.

“I’ve been employed by the provincial Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture in several roles in the hatchery program for more than 30 years,” he said.” “I am currently the department’s Manager of Fisheries Enhancement.

Murrant has been a member of the Nova Scotia Advisory Committee for about a year, but has been aware of the work the foundation does since its inception.

“I was involved with many of the recipients of funding and committee members who were involved in other fisheries works.”

He said he was asked if he’d like to participate in the work the ASCF does by the Director of the Inland Fisheries Division and past chair of the committee, Al McNeill.

“That being said, this is something that I certainly enjoy and take satisfaction in. I’ve worked with many great volunteers, watershed groups and fisheries professionals over the years, so it is a pleasure to be involved with a funding body that can assist them in their efforts.”

Murrant notes one of the reasons he stays involved is it gives him another opportunity to meet great people doing great work.

“The work the ASCF does is important. We all know the value of this beautiful fish. The salmon, somehow more than any other fish, connects people to their culture, heritage, history, natural environment and to one another – either family, friends or colleagues.  Involvement in an organization that works to support the conservation of all this is very rewarding.”

Murrant said he’s been fortunate to meet and work with many volunteer groups over the years.

“The foundation’s work serves not only to help conserve the Atlantic salmon, but it also serves to reinforce the notion that the work these groups do is valued and they are not alone in their efforts.”


Volunteers are crucial to the work ASCF does, and each month we will introduce you to one of our stellar volunteers to say thank you for all the work they do in Atlantic salmon conservation.