Volunteer profile – Dale Cameron

May 4, 2015

Meet Dale Cameron, a member of the PEI Advisory Committee.

Cameron grew up on the family farm in rural Prince Edward Island and worked for a short period in the public service sector after completing school. He has been working with TUC Prince County Chapter Inc. for the past twenty-three years, starting as a crewmember and took over as project coordinator in 2007.

“Having always enjoyed the outdoors and associated activities, the job seemed like a good fit and has progressed from what I do to become who I am,” said Cameron.

Cameron became involved with the ASCF shortly after its formation when he was recommended for a position on PEI’s regional advisory committee.

“TUCPCC has had a long history in Atlantic salmon rearing and habitat enhancement so it was something that was not only near and dear to my heart but also something I felt I could contribute positively to.”

Cameron said it has been a great experience sitting on the committee noting the members are a great group of people to work with.

“It is always a challenge to try to improve environmental conditions in today’s world and there is always a need for committed volunteers. ACSF is made up of a great bunch of folks and I would encourage anyone to get involved.”