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Education and outreach have a key role to play in improving awareness of the importance of conserving wild Atlantic salmon and salmon habitat. A wide variety of education tools and programs have been developed to address topics related to salmon and freshwater conservation. Some materials have been developed for us with members of the general public while others are intended for specific audiences such as youth, Indigenous groups and anglers.

Webinar (FR): Évaluation des ponceaux comme obstacles au passage du poisson : expériences du bassin versant Petitcodiac (Shane Boyd) Webinar: Life histories of Atlantic salmon in eastern Canada: patterns in space and time (Sebastián Pardo) Webinar (FR): Guide d’analyse de la dynamique du bois en rivière : outils d’aide à la décision (Maxime Boivin) Webinar: Project prioritization and restoration of watershed processes at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown (Andy Smith) Webinar: Effects of multiple stressors on the early marine survival of Atlantic salmon post-smolts (Marc Trudel) Webinar: Water and forest road networks in Quebec: issues and solutions (Sylvain Jutras) Webinar: How to design road/stream crossings for fish passage & flood resilience – a stream smart approach (Ben Matthews) Webinar (FR): Évaluation de l’effet de la température d’une rivière sur le succès reproducteur du saumon atlantique remis à l’eau (Raphaël Bouchard) Webinar: Restoration of fish habitat in rivers (Pascale Biron) Webinar: Back from the brink: An ecosystem approach to restoring native adult Atlantic salmon through marine conservation rearing (Kurt... Webinar: Rain gardens for salmon: A model urban watershed development project for riparian municipalities (Valérie Delisle-Gagnon & Renaud Beaucher-Perras) Webinar (FR): Le compteur automatique de saumon Icthyos : Les expériences de la rivière Petit-Saguenay (Maxime Guérard, Mathieu Deshaies...