Myron King, Michael van Zyll de Jong, Doug Piercey, Andy D. Nunn & Ian G. Cowx (2021) An integrated decision driven design framework to support the ecological restoration of rivers, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2021.1932772

April 5, 2022


A structured and collaborative approach to design and decision-making in the context of
ecological restoration of rivers is developed and illustrated using a case study involving
the mitigation of physical barriers to fish migration on the River Trent in the UK. The
integrated design and decision-making framework provide a practical workflow model
for structuring multi-attribute decisions, engaging stakeholders, and assembling a design team needed to successfully plan environmental interventions. In our implementation team, members included ecologists, fisheries biologists, government scientists, and representatives of key stakeholder groups. The case study demonstrated a values-based approach to implementing an ecological restoration plan that addresses some of the longstanding barrier removal goals associated with the reintroduction of Atlantic salmon and European Union (EU) Habitats Directive listed species European lamprey and River eel. The integrated decision-driven, design framework approach is highlighted by transdisciplinarily and social learning.

KEYWORDS: River rehabilitation; catchment approach; Decision framework
Habitat improvement; river connectivity


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