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Work towards mitigating potential climate change impacts in the Cheticamp River watershed & revision and expansion of a watershed-based restoration plan for Aucoin Brook

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2022

Continuing work on mitigating climate change impacts and developing work plans, CRSA is proposing three primary objectives for its 2022 project:1. Improve fish passage on the Cheticamp River and Farm Brook at locations where elevated summer water temperatures combine with low flow conditions. Instream structures will be designed to deepen the thalweg, help the river process extreme bedload deposits, and encourage the development of habitat complexity and the formation of pools. 2. Increase monitoring of coldwater inputs identified as part of recent project thermal mapping activities on the Cheticamp River and develop more detailed plans for future coldwater habitat enhancement. 3. Due to significant changes caused by a 2015 flood, undertake a significant expansion of a 2014 watershed-based restoration plan for Aucoin Brook. Build on recent experience in developing a plan for Farm Brook by using same standardized habitat assessment methods, while also revising limiting factors and restoration priorities.


Rene Aucoin

902 224 5854