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West Branch St. Mary’s River Restoration

Recipient: St. Mary’s River Association
Approved Amount: $27,500
Year Approved: 2019

Reduce the average West River bankfull width from 55 to 70 meters to 25 to 30 meters. Restoration will focus on the installation of rock sills, deflectors, and groynes. Groynes are placed to trap bedload to help narrow up the channel. Deflectors are normally paired with sills to reduce the river width. Sills are placed approximately 180 meters apart. Areas with bedrock, will be narrowed up with deflectors and groynes. Each sill requires 150 tons of rock with each deflector and groyne taking 25 to 50 tons.

Plant trees along the sections of river completed this year. Cost will be $1,000. This will either require volunteer hours from the Association or the group doing the work on Sutherland’s Brook.

Contact: Kenny Silver or Megan Myers, 902-461-0288 or 902-522-2099, or