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Waugh’s River habitat enhancement for 2013

Recipient: North Colchester River Restoration Association
Approved Amount: $5,000
Year Approved: 2013

Our main focus for the next few years will be to provide habitat improvement to the part of the Waugh’s River above the falls. In 2009, DFO completed construction of a new fish ladder at this site, opening up an additional 13 km of river that was previously unavailable to Atlantic salmon. Since its completion our main focus in the river upstream has been to ensure there are pristine habitat conditions to attract and hold an increasing population of salmon. We have also set up a small streamside incubator to take eyed salmon eggs to the swim-up fry stage. Our objective is to narrow the window of time it would take Atlantic salmon to naturally re-populate and fully utilize that section of the Waugh’s River above the falls not previously available.

Contact: Perry Swan, 902-657-2708,