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WATERSHADE Phase 1: Development of a policy and an implementation plan

Recipient: Restigouche River Watershed Management Council Inc.
Approved Amount: $18 000
Year Approved: 2023

This project consists in implementing a restoration plan for thermal refuges on the Restigouche River watershed. In the first phase, a policy will be codeveloped for thermal refuges, namely: premices, how to agree on the use of data, the protection of drainage areas and refuges, decide who, when and how restoration work will be done and design a plan for applied research. In the second phase, an implementation plan will be developed for the WATERSHADE project: collaborations and review of regulations for small head water streams, develop a methodology for restorations (mapping, forest cutting plan management, land protection and field work) and plan a project schedule over several years.

Project Contact: Jean-Daniel Savard –