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Validation of the use of a new Atlantic salmon spawning habitat in Jacques-Cartier River following a breach in the Donnacona dam

Recipient: Corporation du bassin de la Jacques-Cartier
Approved Amount: $5,000 for 2016 (2nd year of 2-year project; total of $10,000)
Year Approved: 2016

In 2014, the Donnacona dam situated at the mouth of Jacques-Cartier River broke down following a spring flood. This dam erected in 1913 was an impassable obstacle for Atlantic salmon for a long time. Since 1981, brood stocks are collected each year on spawning sites located above the dams and the natural obstruction of the Gorges Déry. After the dam failure in 2014, several brood salmon were able to access localized spawning sites in the downstream section of the river where access had been limited for more than 100 years! The objective of this project is to determine if there was a natural reproduction of Atlantic salmon in this section of the river (see map in appendix). An electric fishing inventory of ten sites will detect the presence of 0+ parr and of potential competitive species.

Contact: Antoine Bourke, 418-875-1120,