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An assessment of Atlantic salmon populations in Prince Edward Island

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $49,135
Year Approved: 2018

The CQWF will compile a report documenting the current status of Atlantic salmon on PEI. This project will involve summer population assessments of all salmonids on the twenty-two rivers included in the 2009 Conservation Strategy for Atlantic salmon on PEI. Three additional rivers – Cow River, Hay River and Murray River – will also be included. The report will include results from redd surveys conducted in fall 2017 as well as historical redd and juvenile density data collected by watershed groups and the Province’s Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division. Maps will identify salmon spawning locations, the uppermost section of tributaries utilized by salmon and the number of habitat units for salmon production for each river.
Contact: Jordan Condon, 902-388-8899,