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Thwart Pond Restoration

Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $34,820
Year Approved: 2021

Thwart Pond is connected to the Indian Bay River by Adurt Brook, a tributary of the Indian Bay River. Adurt Brook has multiple partial blockages due to pulpwood from historical logging, abandoned beaver sites, and remnants of an old logging dam at the mouth of the brook entering Thwart Pond. This project will remove pulpwood blockages, abandoned beaver sites and the remaining portions of the old dam from the brook to allow easier waterflow and movement of salmon/trout. Once that area is completed, IBEC will move onto Northwest Brook and remove another old logging dam at the mouth of Northwest Pond, as well as remove boulders that are causing narrowing of access points for salmon to move up/downstream. IBEC will educate and promote awareness via social media posts of work being completed and ASCF signage at project sites.

Contact:  Darren Sheppard,