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The West River acid mitigation project

Recipient: Nova Scotia Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $21,000
Year Approved: 2022

Since 2005, the West River Acid Mitigation Project has been mitigating the impacts of acid rain and, resultantly, increasing the annual production of wild Atlantic Salmon smolts > 300%. The West River was developed as a model for the restoration of acid-stressed rivers in the region and we in the process of planning for similar projects on 7 other priority watersheds. We require defensible and scientifically-sound monitoring data to assess the impact of restoration activities. The funding requested in this application are for support of: (a) the spring smolt estimation program, (b) a fall electrofishing program, and (c) a fall redd count program. In the past we have installed and operated an adult counting facility. In 2022 we intend to modify this trap and are currently exploring our options. To that end, we are not intending to include that as a deliverable here but have full intentions of running the trap if possible. If we run the trap, we can seek an amendment to this proposal to also report on those data.


Brent Locke

902 880 4821