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The West River acid mitigation project 2021

Recipient: Nova Scotia Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2021

Since 2005, the West River Acid Mitigation Project has been mitigating the impacts of acid rain and, resultantly, increasing the annual production of wild Atlantic Salmon smolts > 300%. The West River was developed as a model for the restoration of acid-stressed rivers in the region and NSSA is in the process of planning for similar projects on 7 other priority watersheds.

NSSA requires defensible and scientifically-sound monitoring data to assess the impact of restoration activities. The funding from the 2021 ASCF grant is in support of: (a) the spring smolt estimation program, (b) the installation and maintenance of an adult salmon counting facility, and (c) a fall electrofishing program.

Contact:  Dr. Edmund Halfyard,