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Telemetry study spawning habitat usage by salmon of Jacques- Cartier river

Recipient: Corporation du Bassin de la Jacques-Cartier
Approved Amount: $12,400
Year Approved: 2018

The objective of the project is to use telemetric monitoring to document the use of the salmon spawning habitat in the Jacques-Cartier river. Since 2004, these salmon are captured in the fishway of Cap-Santé and transferred by truck upstream above different natural and anthropogenic barriers. On the other hand, since 2014, brood stock can be distinguished from natural reproduction by stocking completed by the Department of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. (MFFP).

With telemetric monitoring, the specific goals of the project are:
1. Localize the main spawning areas above Pont Rouge.
2. Validate the sites of the most upstream runs on Jacques-Cartier River and its main tributaires.
3. Assess migration time between different release sites and spawning sites.
4. Compare distribution areas of individuals from natural reproduction and those from stocking.
Contact: Cynthia Guay, 418-875-1120,