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Teaching New Brunswick children and youth about the Atlantic salmon and the need for conservation

Recipient: Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Approved Amount: $5,000
Year Approved: 2020

In 2019, CCNB developed three brand new, hands-on Atlantic salmon modules, each consisting of a number of outdoor activities that will teach students about Atlantic salmon (life cycle, migration, threats to the species, and NB populations), its economic and cultural importance, and what we can do to help salmon populations survive and increase in number (improving habitat, minimizing threats, etc.). CCNB has developed a hands-on game to teach the challenges adult Atlantic salmon encounter on their way from the sea back to their home stream to spawn. Teams of students cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to progress from sea to spawning stream overcoming the various threats Atlantic salmon may encounter.  In this project, CCNB will continue to deliver the curriculum linked salmon activities linked to existing curriculum outcomes around the province in elementary, middle and high school levels. CCNB will also purchase materials to create additional activity kits to be available for teachers to borrow for free of charge.

Contact: Nadine Ives, 506-458-8747,