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Supporting Atlantic salmon population in the Shediac Bay watershed through integrated watershed management planning

Recipient: Shediac Bay Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $9,500
Year Approved: 2022

The SBWA prepared its first phase of a fisheries management plan in 2018. The plan will be updated with new data and will seek to add historical data on the Weisner Brook.
Habitat restoration will focus on riparian zone reforestation. The target in 2022 is a buffer zone along the Weisner Brook that was cleared for a corn crop field. Signage will be created to educate anglers on a variation order on this brook that prevents any retention of salmonids caught.
Electrofishing sites have not been evaluated since 2018. New employees at the SBWA require certification. The SBWA plans to perform electrofishing surveys in priority areas.
A new Integrated Watershed Management plan for the Shediac Bay watershed has been released. This ASCF will help support data gathering for the IWMP.
The SBWA will continue water temperature monitoring at 7 sites using pendant light loggers.


Jolyne Hebert

506 533 8880