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Monitoring the temperatures of 13 Atlantic salmon rivers on the North Shore

Recipient: Agence Mamu Innu Kaikusseht (AMIK
Approved Amount: $5,000 in 2018 (2nd year of a 2 year-project; total: $12,761)
Year Approved: 2018

Water temperature in the rivers is an essential variable and affects Atlantic salmon behaviour. Temperature has an influence on incubation, egg hatching and juvenile growth. Optimal temperature varies between 16 and 20oC. If temperature increases above that, individuals seek thermal refuges and are confined in these areas. Too high a temperature slows down the metabolism and weakens individuals, which can result in death. Thermal data allows us to model an individual survival chances. Innu communities observe a decreasing number of salmon and there is a lack knowledge of their rivers. This project was motivated by that lack of information and the need to increase knowledge of the subject in communities. Thermographs, logistic support and a protocol will be transferred to Innu managers in each community to help them manage this monitoring on their own in the short term.
Contact: Soazig Le Breton, 418-962-0103 ex. 104,