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Stabilization of one bank using plant-based engineering and rip-rap techniques – Little Main Restigouche River.

Recipient: Restigouche River Watershed Management Council
Approved Amount: $40,000
Year Approved: 2015

Bank stabilization activities are planned for 240 m of Little Main, Restigouche:

  • Flattening the slope of the bank with heavy equipment. This operation will prepare the site by removing the unstable zone which is weakened by freeze and thaw cycles and river erosion;
  • Installation of a membrane and seeding of the slope: Plant-based engineering, including the installation of a biodegradable membrane;
  • Rip-rap on the toe of the slope. To limit river erosion at the toe of the bank, rip-rap will be used on the lower side of the slope;
  • Rip-rap will also be used on the bank up to the high water mark as indicated by the geomorphological study;
  • Bushes will be planted at the junction of the rip-rap and the embankment;
  • Digging in the river to establish a deep enough channel for the water flow.

Contact: David LeBlanc, 506-759-7300,