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Salmon in a changing environment: Developing a water temperature monitoring program in the Northern range of Atlantic salmon

Recipient: Memorial University/Marine Institute (Clément)
Approved Amount: $15,000 for 2018 (3rd year of a 3-year project, total: $50,000)
Year Approved: 2018

Salmon range is expected to shift northward as river water temperatures increase due to climate change. However, this overall trend may not apply to all regions. For example, rivers draining into Lake Melville, a saline lake supporting important food, social and ceremonial fisheries for three aboriginal groups, may experience higher water temperatures than Labrador’s coastal rivers. It is therefore important to understand water temperature variability throughout the entire actual and potential distribution range. Long-term water temperature series will be generated in rivers currently and potentially supporting salmon populations in the Subarctic (QLNS, southern Labrador (NunatuKavut) and northern Labrador (Labrador Inuit Settlement Area)) and the Arctic (Nunavik and Nunavut). The long-term database generated by this network will help develop and validate climate change models for predicting changes in water temperatures. Furthermore, it will provide the information needed to develop management strategies based on temperature thresholds.
Contact: Dr. Marie Clément, 709-896-6215,