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Salmon stocks restoration and education on Little Main Restigouche

Recipient: Restigouche River Watershed Management Council
Approved Amount: $12,500
Year Approved: 2014

This project will undertake various focused actions during the development of Little Main Restigouche watershed management plan in 2013. The main goal is to increase access of juveniles to habitats by setting up a program related to temporary dismantling of targeted beaver dams, to reduce forest roads negative impacts on migration and sedimentation and to establish an educational and awareness tool by developing an interpretation trail of Atlantic salmon along Hailes Brook.  One of its goals is also to develop a stocking plan for Little Main Restigouche.  This stocking plan, as well as the continuation of some actions initiated during the first year, will be completed in the second year of the project.

Contact: David LeBlanc, 506-759-7300,