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Salmon habitat in Nunavik

Recipient: Institut national de la recherche scientifique (St-Hilaire)
Approved Amount: $10,000 for 2022 (3rd year of a 3-year project; Total: $30,000)
Year Approved: 2022

Climate change is leading to major changes in watercourses thermal systems worldwide and especially in the rivers of northern regions. Those changes can increase the number of Atlantic salmon in Nunavik watercourses, through a more favorable thermal system. There is no characterization of potential salmon habitats in these rivers for a future climate. The project will leverage research efforts already in place in Nunavik to give managers an initial appreciation of future changes related to availability of habitats for salmon in Nunavik watercourses. To this end, a student working on his masters’ degree will 1) use models developed at INRS-ETE to generate future water temperature scenarios for Nunavik major watercourses. 2) select rivers that might show an adequate thermal system for salmon in the 2050-2100 window. 3) Using remote sensing data, complete an initial assessment of quality of new habitats (presence of unsurmountable barriers, limited access, etc.)


Monsieur Andre St-Hilaire

418 654 3703