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Salmon habitat enhancement (West River St. Mary’s)

Recipient: St. Mary’s River Association
Approved Amount: $23,000
Year Approved: 2020

This project aims to reduce the average West River bank width of a 300m section between Chisholm Brook and Beaver Brook (see page 17 & 62 – Restoration of the West Branch of the St. Mary’s River Restoration plan and design from Upper Bryden Brook to Indian Man Brook 2015) to 30 – 35 meters. Groynes and deflectors requiring 25 – 50 tons of rock will be placed to trap bed load and help narrow the channel. Deflectors are normally paired with sills to reduce the river width. Sills requiring 150 tons of rock will be placed about every 180 meters. The cold water springs/brook will be utilized to create a refuge for both adult and juveniles; this is similar to what was done to use other cold water sites.

Contact: Kenny Silver, 902 461 0288,;