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Salmon enhancement project in Sheldrake river above Courbe du Sault impassable falls

Recipient: Municipalité de Rivière-au-Tonnerre
Approved Amount: $50,000
Year Approved: 2019

Before the start of the salmon enhancement project of Sheldrake River in 2012, salmon population was marginal and bound to disappear. In fact, this river is located in a free territory and was particularly vulnerable to poaching. The salmon population, which was estimated between 20 and 30 spawners, was considered extremely fragile. It was therefore crucial to plan stocking activities in the forebay of Courbe du Sault falls, to restore the stock of that salmon population and to enable colonization of some 62 kilometers which are now available. Planned stocking activities will help accelerate the restoration process of the salmon population and the eventual resumption of fishing activities on the river. As already mentioned, these stocking activities began in 2015 and continued during the last 4 years. However, funds available through the Programme de mise en valeur des habitats du saumon atlantique de la Côte-Nord will not be enough to finance all the activities municipalities want to undertake with this project by 2021. The municipality will implement this stocking project during 2019. The objective is to release from 200,000 to 250,000 fry in the Sheldrake River in 2019.

Contact: Josée Poulin, 418-465-2255 extension 1,