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Salmon development projects adapted to Ouelle River hydrology – preliminary design study

Recipient: Organisme de bassins versants de Kamouraska, L'Islet et Rivière-du-Loup 
Approved Amount: $25,000
Year Approved: 2020

This project is comprised of two components.  The first is a preliminary design study.  Major barriers for the survival of Atlantic salmon population of Ouelle River include long periods of extreme low-water, higher water temperatures, and a lack of habitat because of pool infilling associated with the river sediment dynamics. Added to this, is the presence of beaver dams which can limit salmon migration. Before taking any action, it is imperative to complete an hydrogeomorphological study to determine if the solutions put forward will solve the problems, are sustainable and identify areas for action.  The second component is a characterization of pools.  As the Ouelle River has a significant dynamic of sediment transport, known pools identified in the conservation plan may no longer exist.  It is necessary to characterize those pools and, as required, locate new ones.

Contact: Véronique Furois, 418-492-6135 #104,